Georgia Poultry Justice Alliance



The Georgia Poultry Justice Alliance  (GPJA) ...
is a coalition of environmentalists, poultry growers, catchers, processing plant workers, immigrant groups, members of the religious community, labor organizations and individuals working to develop leaders amongst these diverse groups to teach the skills needed to understand, convey and address the many consequences of a vertically integrated system of poultry production on Georgia's natural and human resources.

The presence of the chicken industry can be seen throughout  Georgia.  On an average day Georgia alone produces 23 million  pounds of chicken meat, 11.7 million table eggs and 7 million hatching eggs.  A billion chickens are slaughtered in Georgia annually by 37,000 workers in processing plants located throughout the state. 

Those 37,000 jobs have helped create more than 55,000 in other poultry-related businesses.  Poultry production is big agribusiness, contributing more than $13 billion dollars annually to the economy of Georgia.

The poultry industry's success, however, has been at the expense of Georgia's communities.  While the poultry industry's profits have risen, the industry has failed to protect the environment's natural resources, as well as the workers, catchers and farmers comprising the state's human resources.